Ford/Volvo Tool

Ford/Volvo Tool 7.23

Destined for changing the state of kilometers in cars make of FORD and Volvo
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The software is destined for changing the state of kilometers in cars make of FORD and Volvo. Everything takes place through diagnostic plug. Set contains interface mounted in professional plug OBD, software, controllers.
Volvo/Ford Tool
1.Ford (models on HC12/HCS12 mcu and dash with color display on MAC7116 24c08 ) 2005...2009
All Function supported by tool are:
-read km
-set km=0
-read eeprom
-write eeprom
For all dash if You want change Km down You must:
-set KM 0
-set KM UP
The function Set KM UP work only km higher like actual never down therefor if You want change KM down for first You must SET KM0 and after that set km up.
Read EE and Write EE work for on dashes on HCS12 MCU not work on MAC7116 (color).
You have a lot of kind of dashes to select. If You don't know what kind of dash You have You can try select whatever option and try to make it.
If You have Security error or No communication You must select another option.
Never You destroy dash all function are safety..
Some dashes are installed in group cars for example the same dash with is installed on Ford Mondeo/Focus/Cmax/Smax therefor if You don't see option in
program for Your car You can try make it by another model.
Now we are working on add ford SMAX MONDEO CMAX FOCUS models 2010-2011 -in short time it be finished
Function for Volvo dash:
Old Models series 30(HCS12),40(HCS12),50(HCS12),60(HC12,HCS12),70(HC12,HCS12),80(HC08,HC12,HCS12),90(HC12,HCS12):
(not suprted only : s40,v40 1996-2004 (93c56),V70 1997-1999(HC08),XC90 2006-2009)
-Read KM
-Write Km
-Read EE
-Write EE
-Read Flash
-Write Flash
New Models serie 60,70,80 2007-.... with round display:
-Read KM
-Write Km
-Read EE
-Write EE
-Read Flash

All old models Volvo cars like series 30/30/50/90 (all years) and 60,70,80 (...2007) You can make by OBD.
If You don't know what kind of dash You have You can try use whatever function and if not work You must check next option.
If You select wrong model of dash it can hang up and communication with it is impossible- therefor You must disconnect accu or connector from dash for some seconds and connect again -after that communication is possible.
Except is Volvo 70/80 200 Year this dash after use any function (read km,write km ,read etc)hang up and You must restart it by disconnect accu or connector from dash.

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